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About Foundation

Nigerian educational sector needs urgent attentions as mass failures are yearly recorded in all national examinations (SSCE, NECO & UTME). Nigerian governments have over years proposed solutions to salvage the problems yet little can be shown today for all their inputs. Since it has therefore become a great concern for all and sundry, Dr. Abayomi Oluwatosin Jiboku has decided to take a bull by its horn through his non-profit organization, Dr. Abayomi Oluwatosin Jiboku Foundation, to provide assistances to the problems confronting the sector by offering scholarship programmes to students from the elementary levels to the higher institution. Dr. Abayomi Oluwatosin Jiboku Foundation is a newly formed NGO set up by the subject mentioned above with its aims enumerated below.


  • To constantly assist by providing solutions to the problems confronting the educational sector
  • To offer scholarship programmes, grants and donations to students across all levels of sector
  • To offer interactive programmes such as seminars, symposia, awards, etc. to the stakeholders in the sector.
  • To empower students and other stakeholders through innovative programmes.

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